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Products currently available in the UK

Extra virgin olive oil – packaged in bottles of 500ml each
Also Available in 6 bottle Packages (Free delivery within the UK)
1 Bottle (£6.50 Online Special)
6 Bottles (£35.00 Online Special)
Za’tar (Thyme Spice Blend) available in 150gr package
 (£2.00 Online Special)
Maftoul (Giant Couscous) available in 500gr package
 (£3.00 Online Special)
Jericho Medjoul Dates
Packaged in carton boxes with a window, available in 1kg and 500gr packages.
Temporary out of stock
NEW Mobile cases – Palestinian embroidery with a modern design (Free delivery within the UK) £12.00 Online Special (Click here to choose your design)

Delivery is within one week of placing an order.

All PP (postage and packaging pricing) are to your door in the United Kingdom. For customers outside of the United Kingdom, please email us for postage pricing.


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