Za’atar (Thyme)

Za’tar is wild thyme harvested by the Palestinian Villagers. This Za’tar in particular, has been harvested in and around the ancient village of Jaba near Jinin and hand made by the Women’s Cooperative. It compromises of a subtle blend of oregano, thyme, sumac and toasted sesame seeds. It has been made this way for generations.

It has been believed that za’tar is efficient in making the mind alert and body significantly stronger. It has also been proven that za’tar aids in digestion and remarkably strengthens the immune system. Well known for its salty, tangy taste, za’tar is an excellent savory complement to salads, almost any cheese and biscuits an excellent appetizer with almost any evening meal. It is perfect as a seasoning for either meat, fish or vegetables or simply as a paste with Palestinian Extra Virgin Olive Oil. No preservatives or additives are used in any part of its creation. Za’tar is high in anti-oxidants.

The production of Our Zatar has provided 80 working days to the Women’s Cooperative in packaging alone.

150gr (online special £2.00)

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