Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Extra Virgin Olive Oil – First Cold Press: This Olive Oil has been winning awards for the past three years since the Palestinian Authority started its Golden Award of the Golden Olive Competition. This Olive Oil has also won the Grand Menzino “L’Orciolo D’Oro” for the Shami Single Variety in the 11th Concorso Internazionale Oli Da Oliva in Italy.

The Olives are hand picked at the right time, grind and processed raw immediately and naturally to preserve the olive oil’s vitamin properties and insure that the antioxidants remain integral and unaltered. The result of our attentive work is extra virgin olive oil with decisive characteristics, being a green hue with flashes of gold, a medium thickness, and a fruity aroma.

Our Extra Virgin Olive oil, is characterized by its distinct personality robust aroma and a flavour evocative of fresh fruit. Its desirable trait that disappears as the oil ages over time has a peppery bite and a hint of bitterness . It has been made this way for over 5500 years. So please enjoy this taste from the Palestinian people to your table.

Our Olive oil can be used for salads, dipping, drizzled over warm vegetables, pasta or poured into soup. This is a high quality olive oil, not often seen in the UK.

1 X 500ml bottle (£6.50 Online Special delivered free within the UK)

6 X 500ml bottles (£35 Online Special delivered free within the UK)  

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