Maftool (Giant Couscous)

This product is made from Dunham Wheat in the village of Bettin near Ramallah and hand made by the Women’s Cooperative. Naturally produced, no preservatives or additives are used in any part of its creation.

Unlike the tiny specks of semolina-based couscous from Northern Africa that tend to get clumpy, or the big white beads of couscous that tend to get mushy, these irregular nuggets hold their shape when cooked, making them perfect for substantial salads or as a stuffing for vegetables. Hand-rolled and sun-dried by members of Palestinian women’s cooperatives in the village of Bettin near Ramallah. These lovely, toothsome pasta grains have a nutty, whole-grain flavour and slightly chewy texture.

Now days it is a year round rice substitute, with its perfect naturally balanced formula, Maftool is most commonly eaten with chicken. Recognizing that Maftool not only aids in cleansing the colon but is an excellent source of low fat complex carbohydrates.

The production of Taste of Palestine’s Maftoul has provided 160 working days for the Palestinian Women

500gr (online special £3.00)

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